Divine Connection



God wants to fulfill His word in our lives as we connect with Jesus.  This happens as we hear God's word and believe because God's word has the power to transform our lives.  Yet, simply reading scriptures does not mean we will hear His voice,  we need to be in prayer and asking the Lord to speak to us.  Heroes of faith all started out as nobodys, but they heard God's word and it transformed their lives.  God will transform us as we hear His voice.


  1. God wants us to have a divine connection.
    1. God will fulfill His word in our lives.
    2. God wants a house in unity behind His vision for His church.
    3. God wants the church to be unified and to function as one.
    4. We need to be rightly connected to God’s people to stay spiritually alive.
    5. God’s heart is unity.
    6. Communication is key to unity.
    7. We are walking with Jesus, so expect God to show up.
  2. Ways to get the divine connection:
    1. Ask, seek and knock – prayer is the key.
    2. God wants our whole heart.
    3. When we get a word from God, we need to seek God and press into it.
      1. How do we know when a word is from God? It lines up with scripture, we submit it to those in authority over us, we pray, we look for confirmation, and we wait.
  3. Divine peace in the household.
    1. Every great man and woman of the Bible started off as a total unknown nobody, until one event happened in the life of them all.
    2. They heard the voice of the Lord and obeyed what he said.
    3. There is peace in your house if the Prince of Peace is in your house.
    4. Three ways to create unity:
      1. Resolve to pray for your spouse.
      2. Study your faith together.
      3. (When the things of life crowd out God, that is a big mistake.)
      4. Get a vision for your household.
  4. Divine Presence in the church – we need signs, wonders and miracles.
    1. People want the tangible Holy Spirit to show up.
    2. Let there be no division in the church, but be united of one heart and mind.
    3. Share the vision of the church with our families.
    4. If we are doing things God’s way, be prepared to be uncomfortable.
  5. If we get into divine order, we will affect a pre-Christian world with Jesus.
    1. We will have power to spread the good news in the power of God.
    2. The legacy you pass is the legacy you live.
    3. We need to be passionate about Jesus.
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