The Growing Christian and His Battle With The Enemy – Part 1


As believers we live in a world that is committed to unrighteousness, and therefore all of us fight many spiritual battles as we follow and serve Jesus. Pastor David teaches us how to overcome all of our spiritual battles through the whole armor of God found in Ephesians chapter 6. The point is that we need to experience personal revival before we will see the kingdom of God breaking through in our generation. Revival has to start with us.


  1. As Christians, we often have conflict because we represent Jesus to the world.
    1. Fellow man at the academy would disappear and come in a different way because he experience the conviction of the Holy Spirit when Pr. Dave came in.
    2. God wants to encourage us all and deliver people from discouragement. If we remain obedient to Jesus, He will never abandon us.
    3. God does not want us to walk around afflicted.
    4. God is in control, and He will work out His plans for us.
  2. God wants to revive us.
    1. Revival starts with us.
    2. He wants to transform all of our lives, including our marriages and families.
    3. He wants us to overcome our conflict with our flesh.
  3. Our conflict can be one of victory after victory.
    1. We need to forgive one another and treat one another right.
    2. Christ died for our sins.
  4. Ephesians 6 – our conflict is spiritual.
    1. Take up the whole armor of God.
    2. Praying with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit.
  5. The girdle of truth.
    1. Satan is called the father of lies, he wants to get us to believe a lie.
    2. We use truth to oppose him.
    3. God wants us to boldly bring our lives into agreement with the truth of God’s word.
    4. God wants us to be truthful with him and others.
  6. The breastplate of righteousness.
    1. We have been made righteous by Jesus – He expects us to live accordingly.
    2. God’s righteousness is ours by faith.
    3. He wants to show His righteousness to the world through us.
    4. We reap what we sow – we cannot do wrong and expect spiritual victory.
  7. The preparation of the gospel of peace.
    1. We bring healing and salvation to a world that so desperately needs Jesus.
    2. God wants us to be fulfilled in Him and take that fullness of life to the world.
    3. God wants us awake and spiritually alive – we need to be in the Word and in prayer.
    4. If the peace of God is not there, we need to change something.
    5. Jesus wants to transform us into His image.
    6. For us to have peace, we need to be in covenant with Jesus.
    7. The shoes are because we are called to go into the world and share the peace of Christ.
    8. As long as we are standing still, we are easy targets.
    9. Take the gospel to others to experience victory.
  8. The gospel is about soul winning.
    1. He wants churches filled.
    2. He wants us to speak the word of God and not compromise.
    3. He wants us to speak the truth in love.
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